Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

Growth chartJRH Web Design builds websites with high ranking-pages and develops sustainable, consistent traffic for you.

Simply submitting to the search engine does not guarantee you’ll receive any new visitors. If people cannot find you in the first 10 to 20 matches of a search, then submitting was a waste of time.

Our website marketing program will optimize your website for improved search engine ratings using the latest search engine knowledge and will provide exposure on social media.

Below are the steps that we follow in our website marketing program.

Step 1: Keyword research

With your help, we will develop a list of targeted keywords for promoting your site. We will cross-reference that list against our database of actual search phrases people used at various search engines to find products relevant to your site. We then finalize the list of keywords to be integrated into your site.

Step 2: Competition research

We will look at your competition and try to determine why they are ranking well. We then take that knowledge and work it into your site. This research sometimes leads to the discovery of new marketing options you might not have thought about.

Step 3: Site modifications

We modify your existing pages for you to include the targeted keywords in all of the correct places. If you prefer to make the modifications to your site yourself, we can provide a detailed report explaining changes that should improve search engine rankings.

Step 4: Website submission

Once your website is properly constructed, we will submit it to all of the major search engines in strict accordance with the anti-spam guidelines established by each.

Step 5: Rank reporting

We will provide you with a baseline report and a monthly follow up report as long as you subscribe to a website promotion maintenance program. Rank reports are a part of our optional Extended Search Engine Optimization & Marketing program.

Step 6: Link Popularity Campaign

Link popularity refers to the number of external sites that are linked to your site. Most search engines consider link popularity as an important criterion in determining how sites are ranked. All else being equal, a site with more incoming links will rank higher than a site with fewer incoming links. Additionally, the search engines evaluate the quality of the incoming links as part of the equation. A link from a hugely popular site such as Yahoo carries far more weight than a link from a small, unknown site.

To improve your site’s link popularity, we will work on your behalf to find link opportunities to gain links to your website. This service is performed on an hourly basis at our standard rates.

Step 7: Extended Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Since search engines constantly change the methods that they use to rank pages, we offer maintenance programs, in which we re-optimize pages in accordance with the latest known search engine algorithms.

If you subscribe to a maintenance program, here is what you will get:

  • Monthly reports of your website positioning in major search engines.
  • Analysis of monthly reports and website traffic for keyword effectiveness.
  • Re-optimization of any pages that display a downward trend in positioning. (NOTES: Not all pages will rank well on all search engines; adding new pages and major redesign work are extra)
  • Resubmission of any of your pages dropped by a major search engines. (NOTE: There is no guarantee that a page will be accepted a particular search engine)
  • Submission to new, productive resources as they become available online
  • Access to our list of recommended free and fee-based site marketing resources
  • Periodic marketing email newsletter