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DeWalt DCF610S2R Factory Reconditioned 12-Volt Max Cordless Screwdriver Kit
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DeWalt 36 Volt Cordless Tools

DeWalt 36v Cordless Tools The new line of DeWalt 36 volt cordless tools is here. 36 volts of pure muscle to help you with the toughest jobs you encounter. DeWalt's 36v tools will allow you to go anywhere and do anything. You have the choice of a wide range of tools to pack on your 36 volt battery including Hammerdrills, Reciprocating Saws, Circular Saws, Rotary Hammers, Impact Wrenches, Jig Saws and Combo Kits will be available as well.

 FEATURED PRODUCT: DeWalt DCX6401 36V Cordless Combo Kit
Dewalt 36v combo kit

Introducing the ultimate in cordless power. DeWALT's new line of 36 volt tools will change the way you work - giving you the ability to go anywhere and do anything. It's the innovation you expect from DeWALT, a leader in cordless tools.

  • DC900KL Hammer Drill-Driver
  • DC305K Reciprocating Saw
  • DC300K 7 1/4" Circular Saw
  • DC509 Floodlight
  • (2) 36V batteries
  • 1 hour charger
  • 360° side handle
  • 24 tooth carbide tipped circular saw blade
  • Rip fence
  • Reciprocating saw blade
  • Heavy-duty carrying case

Dewalt DCX6401 Four-Piece Heavy-Duty 36-Volt Cordless Combo Kit
List price: $959.99
Tool King: Unavailable
Tools Plus: $797.00

Tool King: $529.99

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Factory Reconditioned Tools ( learn about DeWalt reconditioned tools )

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